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We follow project-based curriculum; students can do research in class and explore difference societies to further their knowledge and gain experience.

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Project-based learning has helped me develop as a future leader in many different areas: sports, Solar Pi, and Journeys of Change. In life, there is no turning back, and there is not a clear sight of what the future is going to look like, this means I have to trust myself that every facet that I have invested for the last 15 years will help fulfill my dream- changing Cambodia. My family would always advise me that I should focus on academics and aim for a perfect grade. However, the first step at Liger changed my perception of education forever. I was born to feel really ravenous about becoming the expert who good at anything.

Although I was a hardworking student, I sometimes afraid of anything new. I was afraid of leaving my comfort zone. This has made me realized the reason that my interesting rate of study in government school is lower than in Liger.

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I only studied of whatever was in the textbooks, and did hands-on activities once in a blue moon. Cambodia, Kingdom of Wow! I believe that this country is developing everyday and the hope of our younger generation has no boundary. I am raised to be a change agent and I truly agree that even small actions can affect the future of Cambodia.

It is our responsibility to shape this country because it relies on us. Four years ago, Ministry of Education hosted the first STEM festival in Cambodia and yet, the festival remained to happen every year; I never missed a year to exhibit or participate at the event because I want to see as many projects as possible. During the first festival in , I was exhibiting my Tech Support Exploration with my mates and the crowds rumored around our table amazed what we did.


This year I was honored to present my self-balancing robot I engineered during my after-school activity. I was never a person who likes to speak. Ever since I was young, I was a shy-introverted kid who got a list of things that I wanted to, which included helping my country. Sometimes, I even feel like it safer and more comfortable not to speak up. However, the thoughts about things I wanted to do are always stuck in my mind.

After joining Rabies in Cambodia, Solar Pi and volunteering for Khmer Sight Foundation projects, I realized that I have to get out of my comfort zone in order to become a better change agent. By joining these projects, I had to overcome my introverted personality in order to become the best change agent I could be. You might not hear or know of Cambodia before, since it is such a small country located in the Southeast Asia region, bordering Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

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I was born and raised here in Cambodia, a country in which used to have a remarkable history during the Angkor Empire, with rich nutrients and the great irrigation for the agriculture. Though people had been suffered, losing their friends, family, and their life, from such a cruel time during the Khmer Rouge regime — — genocide. We had been losing our hope and ambitions from that brutal time.

Our elders keep carrying those memories in their soul since it is unforgivable and unforgettable to them. Yet, today as our nation started to develop with the steadily growing economy, we are starting to stand back up and fight for the great future in front of us. Skip to content Student Essays. Student Essays. Here is a selection of these essays. Kimseng, 14 My heart was pumping fast; dup-dup dup-dup. They reach that through the opportunities provided to them by the adults in their lives.

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Over the past many years, group after group have trained, practiced and performed their musical drama to near perfection. They are passionate and dedicated to inspiring and enlightening the audiences about the social realities of life of young people.

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They use this as a form of self-expression and an educational tool that appeals to the heart, emotions, and minds of the audience. There, they have inspired many people who moved to tears and came to an emotional and mental awaking. Then, with their own, real characters formed on this commitment, most carry it over to lives of virtue.

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Home News Preda News Fr. So much liberty that is been taken for granted and people misuse them Qualities that Distinguish Women Leaders Women leaders are more persuasive, assertive and willing to take more risks than male leaders. My belief on this — I believe that a leader is made, not born. Name required. Fatherless children are disadvantaged in American society and face a greater struggle to become successful in their personal, educational, and professional lives. Writers, who through the use of clever symbolism, mocked the tragedy of man's fate.

When they marry and have a family, the same life-enhancing virtues of loving, care and sacrifice for their wives, husbands and children is clearly apparent. The volunteers at Preda Centre, Olongapo, Filipinos and from several nationalities, are the model of youth in action. They are living out their belief and faith in a greater eternal force of goodness and love.

The Gospel message of the good Samaritan is uppermost in their hearts and they want the opportunity to make it a reality in their everyday lives.

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These are the youth leaders of today and the best hope of good leaders in the future. All Rights Reserved. Preda Deutsch Website. Preda Foundation, Inc. Defenders of Children's Rights.