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Cover Letter Template

Some journals require manuscript submissions to be accompanied by a cover letter, and also require specific statements to be included e.

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Choose the template with the style and amount of content that you prefer. The short version is likely to be most appropriate for case studies and short communications. It includes four main paragraphs:.

Cover Letter Template

Submit Search. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. The recent Author Perspectives on Academic Publishing report by Editage,[ 34 ] based on a survey of 6, researchers found the highest rated factor which influenced authors' choice of journal was Impact Factor. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Sample cover letter Closing Your name and affiliation Look at the editorial board of the journal. Log in.

The extended version will be more appropriate for full-length research articles. As such, it provides more detailed descriptions of the background, objectives and importance of the study. It also contains paragraphs on:.

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Your cover letter is very important. It is your chance to impress the journal editor by clearly showing the significance and novelty of your research.

Skip to main content. Login Register. Current Order 0. It includes four main paragraphs: Introduction to the manuscript Broad context and objectives of the work Importance of the findings Required statements The extended version will be more appropriate for full-length research articles.

Writing Cover Letters for Scientific Manuscripts

The authors might also need to declare any conflicts of interest. Check out this post now for additional points to consider submitting your manuscript!

Journal Paper Submission Process

Finally, some journals require that you submit a list of potential reviewers in the cover letter and also allow you to mention any researchers who should not review your manuscript. All of these added statements are a very important part of the cover letter, especially if they are required by the journal, and contribute to the editors overall view of your manuscript submission.

Writing a cover letter

Do not forget to proofread your cover letter several times. The text should be revised for clarity and succinctness.

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Points or sentences that stray from the focus should be removed and all the sentences should be directly related to the purpose, the main results, and the most important findings and conclusions. In addition, all basic grammar and construction issues should be corrected during the revision.

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If you need help with the revision, you can include your cover letter with your manuscript when seeking for a professional proofreading service. If you are still unsure of where to start with your cover letter, there several templates available that can help.

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We have listed some of these below:. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

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