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It violates the right to life It is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. There can never be any justification for torture or for cruel treatment" White, n. In addition to the argument that it is a denial of human rights, abolitionists have an equally strong offender-centered argument of innocence White, n. They argue that innocent people are often put to death, in what can only be termed a heinous denial of justice.

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Further arguments against the death penalty consist of its use against primarily poor offenders, its inconsistent use, and the fact that convicted criminals, even murderers, can reform in prison and be reproductive once again White, n. White uses the example of Stanley "Tookie" Williams to show this is true. Williams, a former gang member and founder, was executed in , but only after he had sincerely reformed of his ways during…… [Read More].

Death Penalty Few Issues in. All arguments against the death penalty appear doubly applicable to women so convicted; those already victimized by their circumstances and relationships are further victimized by a justice system that is supposed to help them, while the guilty are allowed to continue with their crimes, freed by the skill of high-priced lawyers.

According to Dreyfuss , women convicted of murder specifically face issues such as prosecutors who ignore mitigating circumstances, self-defence, abuse, and mental illness in seeking the death penalty. These are issues that further contribute to the injustice of the death penalty for women, particularly in states such as Texas, and particularly in cases where women are innocent like Jacobs or mentally ill like Yates.

These issues are generally a result of circumstances beyond the control of these…… [Read More]. Death Penalty Human civilization has come a long way in terms of upholding and safeguarding basic human rights to life, liberty, dignity, equality and justice. Indeed, this trend is evident in the worldwide human rights movement that protests and fights against cruel practices such as child labor, prisoner abuse, war crimes, and domestic violence against women and children.

It is, therefore, surprising that some countries continue to use the death penalty for capital crimes such as murder. Indeed, as this paper will argue, the death penalty has no place in any society that claims to be progressive, humane and just. Surely, it is one that refuses to allow brutal punishments such as the death penalty and attempts instead to work towards rehabilitating its criminals? Indeed, one…… [Read More]. Death Penalty in Favor of.

In viewing the state of the national economy alone in terms of this number, it becomes clear that death-row prisoners kept in prison as well as those prisoners serving a life sentence continue to offend society by becoming a consistent drain on the country's resources. With the average individual on death row being sent to prison not to be executed immediately, but to serve a significant…… [Read More]. Death Penalty Society's primary responsibility lies in working towards assuring the physical and psychological well-being of its honest and upright citizens.

Implicit in the preceding statement is that government and other social institutions must bring about a social environment that is safe and free of crime, especially serious offenses that can endanger lives. Viewed from this perspective, it appears that perhaps the death penalty is a necessary recourse for any society, which wishes to prevent the reoccurrence of severe crimes.

Further, and more important, imposing the death penalty plays a pivotal role in society being able to uphold the values of justice, innocence, and social well being. The ongoing debate on whether the death penalty should be retained or abolished concerns itself with the issue of justice from differing perspectives.

The abolitionists, for instance, argue that the death sentence runs the risk of executing some convicted people, whose innocence is…… [Read More].

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However, the Supreme Court has heard several such cases and consistently upholds the constitutional legality of the death penalty on Eighth Amendment grounds, as with Gregg v. Georgia, U. The death penalty cannot be considered much if at all crueler than a life term in prison, and when the death penalty is proportional to a crime, it is by no means unusual.

Therefore, the death penalty is not a violation of the Eighth Amendment, as long as it is restricted for use in response to capital crimes unequivocally committed by mentally capable adults. The Supreme Court has also created limitations on the use of the death penalty,…… [Read More]. Death Penalty the United States. Murder cannot be a decried and yet practiced by the same entity without being hypocritical.

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Innumerable individuals on death row have been wrongfully convicted due to any number of reasons. The appeals of death row inmates sometimes never get heard. Those inmates who cannot afford to fight a good appeal are the worse off of all. Because DNA testing and more traditional forms of evidence can be used to reverse the death penalty, caution should be used when sentencing a citizen to death. Death is irreversible; life in prison is not. The families of the wrongfully convicted deserve such consideration. Moreover, the death penalty is meted out unjustly to a greater number of poor, minority, and disabled population.

Capital punishment reveals biases and flaws in the American judicial system. The death penalty is also extremely costly even though it would seem that killing a convict costs less than feeding one. Death Penalty Evolution of the Death Penalty. As early back as the Eighteenth Century B. The utilization of the death penalty for designated crimes continued through the years and became incorporated in Britain's penal system DPIC, Since that time, the death penalty has been a part of the American criminal justice system.

However, its use has not been without strong opposition. This paper explores the Supreme Court cases exploring this controversial topic and discusses the evolution of jurisprudence on the subject matter. Much of the legal support or opposition for the use of the death penalty has been at the state level.

Where the death…… [Read More]. Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography. Opponents of capital punishment have always claimed that it does not deter crime while proponents have claimed that it does. Opponents have also claimed that the death penalty is a violation of the 8th amendment, cruel and unusual punishment and that it does not belong in any civilized society.

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Proponents on the other hand state that it is important to…… [Read More]. Death Penalty Anti Historically Much. A good example is the murder of convenience store clerk Cynthia Barlieb, whose murder was prosecuted by a district attorney bent on securing execution for Barlieb's killer Pompeilo The original trial and all the subsequent appeals forced Barlieb's family, including four young daughters, to spend 17 years in the legal process - her oldest daughter was 8 years old when Cynthia was first shot, and 25 when the process ended without a death sentence Pompelio During those 17 years, Cynthia Barlieb's family was forced to repeatedly relive her murder.

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But we can not advocate capital punishment under the guise of protecting the interests of victims' families, and then cut those members out of the process when they do not support the death penalty. Death Penalty as Justified Murder. However, the reasons why people commit crime are as different as the individuals themselves.

Intentional murder comes in two different flavors. The first is the carefully plotted, well thought out, planned act. In this scenario, motivational theory takes over. The person must feel that they will gain some type of value from the action.

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It may be that they gain something, such as money, or they may feel that eliminating a person will offer them some type of protection. In any case, the person justifies their actions through a perceived reward in the future Horisch and Strassmair. In the case of an intentional murder, the death penalty may deter the action.

The Death Penalty: An Opinion Essay

However, several conditions must be met for the fear of death to act as a deterrent. The person must feel that there is a significant possibility that they will be caught and punished for their crimes. In many cases,…… [Read More]. Capital Punishment: Does it Reduce Crime? Capital Punishment is a social controversy that epitomizes the axiom "an eye for an eye. In , 71 inmates were executed, which was 5 more than , and of these 71 inmates, 53 were Caucasian, and 69 were male Capital Punishment Statistics, Capital Punishment has been in effect since the s, despite cases and controversy that it goes against a person's 8th Amendment rights.

Nevertheless, there has been changes in Capital Punishment laws and "in the Court barred the execution of mentally retarded offenders, overturning its ruling on the matter. In the same year the Court ruled that the death penalty must be imposed through a finding of a jury and not a judge" Columbia, In ,…… [Read More].

Death Penalty Cannot Be Equalled. That is to say that if the execution of a prisoner will save the lives of many people capital punishment can be approved in such cases. Let us for instance take the example of a captured terrorist or a suicide bomber. In this case it is fairly obvious that the destructive potential of these people would be greater and consequently their execution entails greater safety, protection and happiness for the society.


Criminals rarely think about the consequences of their actions and this is especially true with crimes of passion. When someone commits a crime it disturbs the order of society; these crimes take away lives, peace, and liberties from society. The first recorded execution in the new colonies was in the Jamestown colony in Virginia. New neurological research can now predict the likelihood of someone becoming violent and may help with future awareness on these issues. Why is this still taking place in our society?

Under these circumstances capital punishment stands clearly justified. Finally, the cost factor is also used by abolitionists in supporting their argument. While the legal cost of executions maybe high they are insignificant when compared with delivering justice.

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The deontological theory on the other hand is concerned only with the rightfulness of an act irrespective of its…… [Read More]. Capital Punishment the Use of. It is important to note that though the victim's family also does suffer, the accused could be somebody's mother, father, spouse or even best friend.

In such a case, it becomes hard for many to come to terms with death as a form of punishment for a loved one. Thus though capital punishment may be viewed as a symbol of justice by the victim's family as well as friends, it surely does cause pain to the wrongdoer's family and friends who may have had nothing to do with the offense committed. In recognition of opposing views, it is important to note that over time, those in support of capital punishment have often cited cost considerations.

Here, they argue that through the long-term imprisonment of criminals, who would have otherwise been on death row, the government wastes funds which should ideally be used for other more worthy needs including but not…… [Read More]. Death Penalty Is the One.